Easter – Peacemakers

I love Easter. Many of my happiest childhood memories are Easter memories. Being a preacher’s kid this was the time of year we left the city and went to Easter camps and conventions. I got to hang out near the beach with my best friend Nigel, who lived in another part of England. Nigel and I got up to all sorts of mischief – we locked all the toilet doors in the two storey convention building on the inside, then climbed out the windows and slid down the drain pipes; we saw streakers undressing behind some sheds by the beach, so we threw all their clothes into thick gorse bushes; I overindulged in Easter eggs, then went on a fairground ride, that all resulted in an interesting mess on my parents bed – happy days! And, in my memory at least, the sun shone every day. Continue reading “Easter – Peacemakers”