Psalm 32 – O Happy Day!

Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven,

whose sin is covered.

Blessed is the man against whom the Lord

counts no iniquity.

If you’ve been reading through the psalms with me, you will by now be familiar with the word ‘blessed’, which means ‘happy’. Psalm 1 opened with a blessed man; he was blessed because he didn’t walk with the wicked, but walked in the ways of God’s good laws. Psalm 32’s happy chappy is blessed for completely different reasons. In this psalm we find a man leaping for joy, with a big smile on his dial, not because he’s led the perfect life, but because after blowing it big time he has been forgiven by God. And if God forgives you, no-one else’s opinion matters. This man is so blessed it had to be said twice! Continue reading “Psalm 32 – O Happy Day!”

Easter – Peacemakers

I love Easter. Many of my happiest childhood memories are Easter memories. Being a preacher’s kid this was the time of year we left the city and went to Easter camps and conventions. I got to hang out near the beach with my best friend Nigel, who lived in another part of England. Nigel and I got up to all sorts of mischief – we locked all the toilet doors in the two storey convention building on the inside, then climbed out the windows and slid down the drain pipes; we saw streakers undressing behind some sheds by the beach, so we threw all their clothes into thick gorse bushes; I overindulged in Easter eggs, then went on a fairground ride, that all resulted in an interesting mess on my parents bed – happy days! And, in my memory at least, the sun shone every day. Continue reading “Easter – Peacemakers”

Psalm 1 – Secret of a Happy Life

(read the psalm slowly before reading this blog)

 Blessed is the man…

What or who is your life source? Who or what has the greatest influence in the decisions you make, your values, your attitudes? Recent studies have revealed that more young people base their life values on what movies and TV portray than what their parents or teachers say. But who are the movie makers? What is their message?

This psalm challenges us to ask ourselves, “Who am I allowing to influence my life?” Continue reading “Psalm 1 – Secret of a Happy Life”