Build Up – Part 2

Sermon preached by Francie Thompson on Sunday 28th Feb, 2016.

Build Up – There Is A River

Sermon preached by Ian Thompson on Sunday 14th February, 2016. Below is a photo of the painting Ian discusses during the message.


Out of Order – Genesis 3 & 4

In Genesis 1 & 2 – God has created order out of chaos. The Spirit hovered and God spoke, and spoke and spoke. Out of the chaos came a response to God’s voice: creation, order, life.

A mother hovers over the kitchen chaos of flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder and milk. Out of the chaos, stage by stage, she begins to create. At first a bowl of runner brown mixture, which after a stage in the oven becomes a sponge. Then more hovering over icing sugar, water and food colouring. Further creation takes place. After many stages, many hours, she is able to step back and rest from her labours, uttering the words, “That’s really good.”

The next day she presents her creation to her 3 year old, the love of her life, and her group of pre-school friends. Within seconds chaos has been made out of order.
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