“Our Father” – Intimacy

And Jesus said, ‘This then is how you should pray:

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…”’

This opening phrase puts us right back into those too-big-shoes (see previous blog). For 49 years I’ve been learning what it means when I call God “Father”. I believe it is the secret to everything – victory, faith, courage, break-through, change. I never grow tired of saying it: “Father, my Father”, and I’ll never stop learning what it really means. Continue reading ““Our Father” – Intimacy”

The Lord’s Prayer – intro

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Matthew 6:9-13 & Luke 11:1-13

Matthew and Luke, in very different ways, emphasize the huge importance of prayer in the life of Jesus and his disciples.

Luke places his prayer at a time when Jesus had been praying, and when he had finished his disciples ask him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” There is no other record of the disciples asking Jesus to teach them something specific. They never asked him, “Lord, teach us to preach”, or, “Lord, teach us to heal.” They had been watching Jesus life and ministry closely. They had seen him cast out demons, heal lepers, rebuke the Pharisees, preach, teach and tell stories that drew crowds of thousands. And after seeing all of that, the one thing they ask is, “Lord, teach us to pray.” In doing so they acknowledged that prayer wasn’t some religious duty to be performed, it wasn’t the icing on the ministry cake; prayer was the source of everything else Jesus ever said or did. If they could crack Jesus’ prayer secret the rest would follow. Prayer was central to all Jesus did and if they were ever to come close to walking in his shoes they too needed to learn to pray. “Lord, teach us to pray.” Continue reading “The Lord’s Prayer – intro”

Psalm 3 – A Salvation Song

Many are saying of my soul,

there is no salvation for him in God. (v2)

Salvation belongs to the Lord;

your blessing be on your people! (v8)

What a difference a psalm makes! From God’s laughter at the enemy’s futile plots and his establishing of his king in psalm 2, to, “O Lord, how many are my foes!” in the very next psalm. And that is all after the green tree by a stream of psalm 1!

One thing is for certain; the Bible is real and honest about the ups and downs of life. In psalm 3 God’s chosen king David is facing an uprising by his own son Absolom, and is calling out to God for salvation. At least David went to the right One for help. Unlike many of us, David usually made God his first port of call for help or guidance. Continue reading “Psalm 3 – A Salvation Song”

Psalm 2 – Seriously Laughable

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?

This psalm exudes overwhelming confidence in God as king. Because the writer knows God he is completely bewildered by the attitude of the kings and rulers of the earth toward God: “Why are they so stupid?!” he exclaims in astonishment. “Why do they plot in vain?” Don’t they realise that this is God Almighty they are plotting against? This isn’t just the neighbouring king to be subdued, but God himself.

Maybe they think there is strength in numbers as they “gather together against the Lord and against his anointed one”. Yeh, right! Like an army of krill they amass against the blue whale. Continue reading “Psalm 2 – Seriously Laughable”

Psalm 1 – Secret of a Happy Life

(read the psalm slowly before reading this blog)

 Blessed is the man…

What or who is your life source? Who or what has the greatest influence in the decisions you make, your values, your attitudes? Recent studies have revealed that more young people base their life values on what movies and TV portray than what their parents or teachers say. But who are the movie makers? What is their message?

This psalm challenges us to ask ourselves, “Who am I allowing to influence my life?” Continue reading “Psalm 1 – Secret of a Happy Life”