About Us

 Who are we?

The Hub Church is part of a family of churches throughout New Zealand called Linknz.  Together as churches we value Authentic Relationship, Spirit Life, and Mission.  We love Aotearoa and are committed to spreading the gospel in this beautiful nation.

The Hub Church is one of many great churches in Feilding and we work together with the other church leaders as part of the Feilding Christian Leaders Network (FCLN).

Leaders’ Profile

Ian & Francie Thompson (senior leaders) started The Hub Church at the end of 2006 with a small group of adventurers, who re-imagined church as a place where anyone, at any stage in their God journey would feel at home.

At the beginning of 2012 Ian & Francie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with their three grown up children.

On the leadership team with Ian & Francie are two awesome couples – Clint & Krista Smythe, and Richard & Faye Bain.  As a team we value friendship, integrity and unity together.

About Ian:    

  • Favourite Book:             The Hobbit
  • Favourite Food:             Indian curry
  • Favourite saying:           “What if it all goes right?”

About Francie:

  • Favourite Movie:            You’ve Got Mail
  • Favourite Food:             Indian curry (roast dinner is a close second!)
  • Favourite saying:          “You have to let go of the good to lay hold of the great!”