It’s a Matter of Trust – Jan McGaffin

Sunday 10 Nov 2019- Matthew 6:25 to 34

Practical steps to build Trust using silence

AWARENESS or MINDFULNESS Of ourselves and God

We need to cultivate an awareness of God’s provision for us 

and an awareness of where WE fit into GOD’s plan. 

  • Silence reinterprets anxiety/worry.
  • Silence reinterprets accomplishment, productivity and success.
  • Silence give perspective.
  • Silence allows God to be God.
  • Silence practices the presence of God.

This is where an awareness of ourselves comes in and makes space for an awareness of God and practicing His presence. 

Strategies to focus – focus on your breathing rhythm.

  • Count your breath up to 10
  • Yah – Weh
  • You are God – I am not
  • I trust You

Strategies for dealing with our thoughts and emotions during silence.  

# Hand all thoughts and emotions back to God for his keeping.

  • I hand dinner, children, study into your hands Lord.
  • I hand anger, sadness, distrust, anxiety into your hands Lord.

Sit comfortably, start small, give yourself grace and keep trying.